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We are based in the Canterbury region and while most of our work comes from this area, we work with clients throughout the South Island, including Bluff, the West Coast and Nelson.

Our photography is conducted two ways.

  • Low-level system, employing a remotely operated helicopter. This is perfect for tree-top’ type images and is usually operated up to a height of approximately 200 feet. Using a downlink, it is possible to watch the camera’s point of view on the ground in real-time. This makes it possible to be very selective about what is included in the photo.This approach is ideal for real estate, lifestyle blocks, commercial and smaller industrial sites.

We welcome our clients’ input during low level assignments. Not only do you get to make suggestions during the operation, but you get to see us in action! Many people are fascinated to watch the helicopter at work.

  • Our conventional system, using full-sized aircraft  either fixed-wing or helicopter. Oblique (looking across an area) or vertical (looking directly down from above a site) photography can be taken using this approach and is better suited for larger areas. GPS co-ordinates, flight lines and photo waypoints are programmed as necessary before the start of each flight. Vertical photography can be produced to scale if necessary.

Some sites can be photographed either way and we will consult with you to decide on the most suitable type of photography to meet your needs.

Check out our Gallery page to see a selection of low level and conventional photography aerial photos.

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